Introducing the Briza 22: The Thinnest Hybrid Climate Unit in the World!

Providing super-charged heating and cooling, the Briza 22 is a fan coil unit (FCU) that delivers comfort in any season. No other product offers this much power in such a thin, compact design!

The power behind the Briza comfort system is the ingenious Low-H2O technology, combined with a silent, dynamic system.

Due to its very low water content and conductive construction, Jaga compact fan coils react quickly to temperature changes. That makes the Briza 22 ideal for connecting to low-temperature systems like heat pumps, solar energy systems and condensing boilers.

Using the latest EC motor technology, Briza 22 consumes less electrical energy than traditional motors and enables remote control, using the latest home automation and building management systems.

The beauty of this unit rests not only in its small, powerful design, but also its versatility. At just 8.7” deep, the Briza 22 can be built into a wall recess or located in the ceiling for true space-saving capabilities. It is also available with a finished casing for flush-mounted applications.

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