Expansion Briza fan coil line

Slim and compact, our new Briza fan coils offer up to 4 tons of cooling power with near-silent operation.

We extended our fan coil line with its higher capacity Briza 22 and Briza 26 hydronic fan coil unit (FCU). Ideal for space-saving applications, these FCUs are small enough to install in the wall or ceiling with either ducted or non-ducted systems. Powered by low-maintenance Electronically Commu-tated (EC) Motors, they offer near-silent but high-capacity heating up to 90 MBH and up to 4 tons of cooling.

“We worked closely with engineers over a four-year period to develop a product that provides ultimate climate control with comfortable heat in the winter and powerful cooling in the sum-mer,” said Chris Heerius, Executive Director, Jaga Climate Systems. “Flexibility, capacity and quiet—each of these features make our Briza 22/26 FCUs a preferred choice for use in commer-cial offices, hotels, schools and residential spaces.”

Requiring limited ceiling space with horizontal mounting, the Briza-22 unit is just 8.7 inches high and the Briza-26 comes in at 10.2 inches. Featuring built-in vibration isolation, units can be pinned directly to the mounting surface (wall or ceiling), eliminating the need for space robing or height increasing vibration isolation. In addition, the units are powered by EBM Papst Greentech motors that use 90 percent less energy than traditional air conditioning motors, making them a preferred choice for sustainably-focused building projects.

Because they are so quiet and eliminate the need for unsightly mechanical equipment, the Briza can be placed directly above working spaces. They enable structures to be designed with a de-coupled perimeter system, where the load is handled by these units and the interior is handed by a traditional VAV or smaller ducted fan coils.

“The Briza 22/26 units are extremely versatile, powerful, compact and silent,” added Heerius. “Available in a two- and four-pipe system, they are a natural fit for any project where energy consumption and performance are a priority.”

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