Where space is a premium & every inch counts: Meet the Slim Clima Canal

When designing HVAC for high-rise residential buildings, space savings is always a primary focus for engineers. The Slim Clima Canal continues to be a popular choice, as these exposed baseboard fan coils offer up to 18.6 MBH of heating and ½ ton of coling in a 6’ long baseboard. 

Save up to 4” of space in small rooms!

The Slim Clima is 4.2” wide—nearly half the width of our Clima-on-top (Telus Clima), which is 8.1” wide. This nearly 4-inch saving makes a big difference in residential high-rise settings when bedrooms are already very small.

While we’d love to place the unit in the slab, this isn’t possible in 99% of high rise projects because of structural concrete requirements. As an alternative, we propose putting Slim Clima Canal atop the floor, which saves at least 4” of space.

No ducting, no problem.

The Slim Clima Canal requires the coordination of condensate piping, which is directed to the suite below. Hydronic piping can be cast in the slab. But beyond these initial planning requirements, the Slim Clima Canal offers a convenient solution in small spaces where no ductwork is available.

Slim Clima Canal 23 .Jpg

Need a different size or color? We’ve got you.

The idea for the Slim Clima Canal originated with creative engineers like you. And we recognize that no two projects are the same, so we work with you to create the right solutions that fit the specific dimensions, color and aesthetic you need to achieve the comfort your future residents deserve.

See the specifications and technical requirements for the Slim Clima Canal here.

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