Colleges and Universities Warm Up to Sustainable Heating and Cooling

Exploring how modern hydronic solutions can save space, energy and money in student housing

We've all heard that thermal comfort in the classroom positively impacts learning comprehension and student performance, but what impact does temperature have in a residential environment, particularly in a space like college dormitories? 

In a recent study, researchers found that improving temperature controls in college dormitories not only enhances learning but also improves students' overall satisfaction with their environment. This sounds like a no-brainer but is critical as colleges and universities face increased competition for student enrollment. 

However, finding the right heating and cooling solution for dormitory buildings is about more than maintaining optimal temperatures. Jaga's Briza 12 and Briza 22 fan coils offer an appealing solution for small rooms because of their compact size and versatility. In addition, the units provide highly efficient heating and cooling to limit energy use, reducing costs and helping achieve sustainable building criteria. 

Between its numerous options for installation and its small size, these terminal hydronic heating and cooling units make an ideal solution for college and university residential buildings. But don't take our word for it: several projects show their versatility.

A Small Footprint for a Small Space

From new construction to renovations, the flexibility of a hydronic system has become a preferred choice for engineers designing dormitory buildings, concealed or exposed units (with casings). In addition, it can be easily controlled with either a 0-10VDC signal or an on-board aqua-stat controller.

From new construction to renovations, the flexibility of a hydronic system has become a preferred choice for engineers designing dormitory buildings, concealed or exposed units (with casings). In addition, it can be easily controlled with either a 0-10VDC signal or an on-board aqua-stat controller.

With a cooling capacity ranging from 1.4 MBH and 7.2 MBH for the longest, the Briza 12 can fit almost all dorm rooms. In most systems, units are un-ducted and designed to recirculate air in the room with ventilation air decoupled from the fan coil unit.

However, if a ducted installation is preferred, the Briza 22 HP can easily handle up to 0.4" of external static pressure and have the ventilation air combined with the heating/cooling airstream. 

Shown below is a small Briza 12 fan coil providing adequate heating and cooling for a typical dorm room, prior to the drywall enclosure/supply+return grille finishing.

Briza 12 Ceiling+Piping
Briza 12 Ceiling+Details

At a large university in western Canada, engineers designed the Briza 12 to be built into the ceiling. It used a two-pipe system piped with a six-way valve (with a changeover from a four- to two-pipe system, valve not by Jaga). Opting for a two-pipe system reduced the need for an additional set of control valves and a longer heating unit to achieve the exact heating capacity. 

Its compact size also lends to the Briza's versatility. Most dorm rooms have limited space, and the Briza 12 is perfectly sized at just 5 inches tall. This makes it great for low ceilings, and the control valves and piping can be placed in an adjacent ceiling, such as a nearby closet or bathroom, for access.

A university in San Francisco used a similar setup, using the Briza 12 in the ceiling to provide 1.4 MBH of cooling (the smallest size available) and 28 MBH of heating. 

Combinatie Foto Briza 12 Built In Ceiling

Wall mounted Briza

For larger residential suites with hallways, another option is to build the unit into the hallway ceiling to allow for heating and cooling common areas. Engineers for Simon Fraser University residences in British Columbia used this approach, increasing students' living space. 

The Briza units can also work in spaces where wall-mounted units make more sense. With a slim profile, they can be located under windows, beneath built-in shelves, or anywhere along the wall within the room or living space. 

Briza 12 With Casing
Slim Clima Canal 23 .Jpg

Slim Clima Canal

Engineers may opt for in-floor trench solutions in situations where a wall or ceiling fan coil isn't feasible, such as our Slim Clima Canal. At only 7.9 inches tall and 4.1” deep, the unit is incredibly small but offers powerful heating and cooling (up to 18.6 MBH heating and up to 5.6 MBH cooling). In addition to its clean and unassuming design, the small profile of the Slim Clima Canal also offers tremendous space-saving capabilities, making it a great match for smaller dorm rooms.

Energy Savings and Compatibility

One of the primary factors driving the appeal of our terminal hydronic units is their flexibility with new energy technology. Where a lot of systems, such as Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), require the use of proprietary components and controls, our systems use water and will work with older technology to emerging technology, from boilers to heat pumps. Each unit operates at low heating water temperatures for air-to-water heat pumps or condensing boilers (120F entering water).

With its EC motor technology, our units also consume less electrical energy than traditional motors and allow for remote control capabilities using the latest home automation and building management systems. 

Another benefit is the simplicity of the technology. Each of our dorm room units (Briza 12, Slim Clima canal) use 24VDC fans, which eliminates the need for an electrician to connect them. Also, they are super quiet because of the 24VDC fans. This also simplifies maintenance as fans are easily accessible. 

People like the Briza because it's quiet—really quiet. All Jaga units operate off EC Motors, and most people do not recognize that they are running. The Briza 22 can cover up to 27' of horizontal air throw and remain under 35dBA. This eliminates the white noise associated with most conventional heating and cooling systems (and gives students more reason to turn down the music!). 

As technology continues to evolve, our innovative Briza and Slim Clima Canal units offer an energy-efficient and non-resource-intensive heating and cooling solution designed to develop with it. Requiring little water and energy to operate within an extremely powerful and reflexive system, it's a system more college and university engineers are installing now with an eye on the future.

Briza 12 Interior

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