Mini Canal Electric


For those installations where hydronic perimeter heating isn’t an option, Jaga offers an electric trench heating solution that easily integrates in any project design. The fan-less design, allows sufficient heating capacity within the most compact form. With a minimal height of only 5 1/8" (130 mm), and flexibility to select elements from 167W/ft upto 250W/ft, this trench will guarantee a hassle-free selection, integration, and operation for perimeter or vestibule heating. The Mini Canal Electric works well in conjunction with a 2-pipe fan coil designs to offer heat in colder seasons.

At Jaga, we’ve engineered the most efficient fan coil solutions for hydronic HVAC-systems. Therefore, Jaga engineered quiet and efficient fans, to improve heat transfer from the hydronic coils, at low water temperatures to optimize the overall efficiency of the entire system. For an electric element, fans don’t contribute to an increased efficiency, for that reason we developed a static, electric trench heating system. The Mini Canal Electric can be installed continuously along the façade and the beautiful aluminum grill can be selected in almost any color to complement the interior.

Heating / cooling
Build-in Height
5 1/8” (130 mm)
Buil-in Width
11” (280 mm)
All specifications
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Icoonset 2019 5 Heating Black
Electrical heating

For installations where hydronic perimeter heating isn’t an option

Icoonset 2019 44 Size Black
Continuous installation

Open spaces can be filled with empty ducts and grilles




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