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As the largest developer of sustainable condominiums and communities in Toronto, Tridel continues to innovate by redefining the meaning of “home.” According to their website, a home is “a lifestyle and a community that connects us to each other and our surroundings.” Located in downtown Toronto, FORM is one of their more recent condominium buildings that recently achieved LEED Gold certification. With 189 condo units spread over 14 stories, the building features a dramatic profile with a “rhythmic interplay of glass, textures, and planes,” according to Urban Toronto.

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Facts and figures

  • 189 condo units spread over 14 stories
  • 600 Jaga Clima Canal units
  • 11-time winner of BILD’s Green Builder of the Year Award

Designed with energy efficiency in mind—all the way down to the type of concrete used—Tridel selected Jaga as its “innovative new heating system” for the residences at FORM. Jaga’s Clima Canal units are used alongside the perimeter of each unit, providing heating that runs alongside the glass facades.

“The design uses an in-floor heating system, where approximately 600 Jaga Clima Canal units are built into the concrete slab,” said Luke Johnson, Senior Director of Project Management, Tridel. “We’re heating the space from bottom to top, which makes the system more efficient with the rising heat. In addition, the system is powered through a low voltage supply, which keeps energy costs low.”

In addition to reducing the environmental footprint of the building, the energy-efficient design will also save homeowners on heating-related costs—a benefit during cold Toronto winters.

Space savings is another intentional design feature of using Jaga’s in-slab heating system. 

“There isn’t a vertical fan coil standing there, wasting living space,” added Johnson. “The slab opens up the space, including in the ceiling because we have fewer bulkheads.”

To complement the contemporary finishes used throughout the structure, designers selected a custom grille to top the trench system. Designed for easy cleaning, homeowners simply need to remove the grille and unplug the coil should any spills occur.

Jaga’s trench heating system accompanied several other environmentally forward features used in the construction of FORM, including low-flow plumbing fixtures, additional ventilation and energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems

Tridel is an 11-time winner of BILD’s Green Builder of the Year Award. 


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