Shoreline Junior High School

Built to reimagine the typical junior high school experience, the new Shoreline Junior High School north of Salt Lake City, UT offers a variety of unique features and technology designed to boost learning, collaboration and community involvement.

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  • The school sits on 22.65 acres in southwest Layton, UT and has a student capacity of 1,400.
  • Classrooms are organized around small common areas called learning suites designed to foster collaboration. Each suite has an emergency exit and can be locked down with fire doors in the event of an intruder or other emergency.
  • Davis School District paired with Layton City to create an expanded gymnasium with twice the gym space for both students and the community.

Extensive glazing offers views of nearby Wasatch Mountains and natural daylight. Beyond the classrooms, the building offers individual nooks for reading or “learning suites” where students can meet up to work together on projects.


Engineers selected Jaga’s trench and wall-mounted convectors for their durability and ability to react quickly to temperature changes. Jaga’s low-temperature solutions were also safer and more cost-effective compared to traditional radiant panels. This helped offset costs incurred when buildings encountered soil problems during the initial phase of construction.


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