Chicago Starbucks Roastery

In 2019, the world’s largest Starbucks opened along the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. Billed as a “multi-sensory destination of epic proportions,” the Chicago Roastery occupies five stories of coffee paradise, inviting visitors to explore the journey of coffee making through related activities, hand-crafted beverages, baked goods and views from its roof deck.

Because of its focus on the craft of coffee production, every detail was carefully considered in the building’s design. Engineers selected Jaga’s Knockonwood Freestanding for its natural aesthetic and powerful heat. Situated in rooms with full glazing, the Knockonwood reacts quickly, accommodating to temperature fluctuations common in the cold Chicago climate and changes in occupancy.

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Facts and figures

  • The Roastery occupies 35,000 square-feet of space covering five stories in downtown Chicago
  • It has a 56-foot-tall bronze-colored cask with eight copper tubes that shuttle beans from one floor to another
  • A $6,500 espresso machine is used to create a premium coffee experience

Durability was another requirement for the job. Because units would be located within dining areas, they needed to be durable and withstand the pressure of someone standing on it.


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