Tanzende Turme

Just outside downtown Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city, you just need to look up to see Tanzende Türme. Having won numerous awards, including the MIPIM Award in 2014 for the Best Office and Business Development and BDA Architecture Prize (3rd place) in 2012, this multi-use space includes offices, restaurants and a nightclub.

Recognized locally as the “dancing towers,” what makes this building so unique is its striking bent facade of steel and glass. It features external LED strip lights and is equipped with a hurricane-proof deflection pane.

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Facts and figures

  • More than 200,000 square feet or 64,000 square metres
  • LEED-Gold Certified
  • Heating alongside a bent facade of glass and steel

Jaga products were selected for their energy-efficient profile, as they operate on Low-H20 technology and earned points toward the building’s LEED Gold Certification. Using low water temperatures, 1,591 Jaga Mini Freestanding units were located alongside the glass facade to limit heat loss. Each unit is pared with an ultra-responsive heat exchanger to ensure maximum comfort. Sixty one Mini Canal units run under the floor, providing an additional source of discreet, but powerful heat.


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