The Edge

Recognized as the “World’s Most Sustainable Office Building”, the Edge is not just an office building in Amsterdam, it’s also the “smartest” building in the world. It has achieved an “outstanding” rating from British agency BREEAM, which awarded it a score of 98.4 percent—the highest score ever awarded. 

“A quarter of this building is not allocated desk space, it’s a place to meet,” says Ron Bakker, architect of the Edge at London-based PLP Architecture. “We’re starting to notice that office space is not so much about the workspace itself; it’s really about making a working community, and for people to have a place that they want to come to, where ideas are nurtured and the future is determined." 

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PLP Architecture
Konvektco Nederland B.V.

Facts and figures

  • “World’s Most Sustainable Office Building”
  • Mini Canal radiators with DBE to block the cold
  • Dynamic Boost Effect for 9x faster heating

Jaga Mini Freestanding radiators with DBE are installed along the entire façade of the atrium to block the cold of the windows and create a pleasant working climate.

The Edge uses 70 percent less electricity than a typical office building and produces more energy than it consumes.


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