Trench Heating and Cooling

A modern solution for large open spaces with glazing, our compact trench heating and cooling solutions fit seamlessly into the floor, providing powerful hydronic heating and cooling with less energy.

Heating and Cooling

A Smooth Operator

With precise height adjustment, our in-floor fan convectors will rest perfectly inline with the finished floor. Measuring approximately 4 inches, they offer significant space savings in any building. Savings increase when used with hydronic heating and cooling systems. Like our overhead or wall mounted fan coil units, Jaga’s trench heating and cooling solutions have enabled architects to add additional floors to buildings without changing the initial building height.

The ultra-responsive design of our trench units allows for fast-acting heating and cooling, making it a great solution for perimeter heating in areas that are traditionally difficult to heat and cool.


Seamless Design

When topped with one of our contemporary grilles, our trench solutions will blend in perfectly with the flooring. This allows for an unobtrusive solution to any project.

Jaga trench heating and cooling units have a proven track record when used as perimeter devices in underfloor air distribution (UFAD) designs. They offer the advantages of a completely decoupled perimeter design where the glazing load is effectively handled by the Jaga units.

Plus, our trench heating and cooling solutions utilize the highest quality EC motors, which run on 24VDC power—so quiet, you won’t even know they are running.

Click on the button below to see which of our dynamic trench units below can deliver powerful heating and cooling in your building. Or download our Road map Trench solutions to get a quick overview of all our options. 


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