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Our Jaga Unit heater is designed specifically to heat up large spaces, quick and efficiently. The specific designed air venturi system mixes ambient air with the return air and enables a much better air distribution. Available in different sizes and configurations, the Jaga Unit Heater is a perfect fit for any project, ranging from warehouses upto sports facilities and showrooms.

AllUnit heaters are standard equipped with the unique AVS® system (Air Venturi System). This AVS® system reduces the return air temperature without compromising the capacity which creates a significant improvement in the vertical and horizontal throw while it reduces the stratification. The AVS® system facilitates a better temperature distribution, which enables shorter operational times and thereby generates energy savings.

Heating / cooling
Heating capacity
Up to 268,8 MBH
Up to 4795
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Icoonset 2019 EC Black
Low voltage EC motor

sustainable yet powerful

15. Jaga Air Venturi Systeem Icoon Zwart2
Air Venturi System

faster response, even distribution and reduced energy consumption

14. Jaga Indirect Gestookt Icoon Zwart2
Long life expectansy

due to low heat production

Icoonset 2019 38 Installation Black
Little or no maintenance

Brushless EC-motor



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