Evergreen Brickworks

The Evergreen Brick Works project converts a deteriorating industrial site in Toronto’s Don Valley into an important environmentally based community landmark to engage visitors in experiences connected to nature and city. Designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects, the building comprises a welcome center, retail and amenity space, administrative offices and workspace for the program partners. It has achieved LEED Platinum certification.

That’s why Jaga trench h/c solutions were the perfect solution to incorporate into this building. Mini Canal radiators were were installed alongside peripheral walls in meeting areas throughout the facility and alongside floor to ceiling windows to help circulate air and prevent condensation from accumulating. In addition, these in-floor units were placed near entryways, covered with grates durable enough to withstand traffic entering and exiting the facility.

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Diamond Schmitt Architects
Hallsall Associates
Mini Canal, Strada and Tempo
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  • LEED Platinum certification
  • Low-surface temperature convectors
  • Quick reaction time

Our Strada radiators were installed classrooms, meeting rooms and office spaces. With the open office plan and minimalist design, the Stradas provide both aesthetic and functional appeal in this space. Westside facing sunlight provides much of the room’s natural heat in afternoon hours. As a result, Evergreen workers appreciate the quick reaction time of the Jaga units, as it keeps the room at comfortable temperatures so occupants do not overheat.

Tempo radiators installed on the building’s spacious fourth floor offices offer a sleek casing and low-surface temperature, making them ideal for prospective occupants.


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